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Azuga: an industry-leading platform with a reputation for reliability. Develop efficient routes, ensure compliance with the latest industry regulations, protect your drivers and more


Geotab’s intuitive, full-featured solutions help businesses of all sizes better manage their drivers and vehicles by extracting accurate and actionable intelligence from real-time and historical trips data.


Surfsight’s A-12 dashcam offers full HD video powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance fleet safety and reduce collision-related costs.


SmartWitness is a video telematics pioneer and industry leader with world-class technology and highly competitive capabilities. We’re here to enable our partners to help fleet operators improve driving behaviors, reduce risk and mitigate claims.

Who We Are
Comprehensive Fleet Management Solutions

Advanced Fleet Solutions, LLC was founded in 2019 as a branch of our sister company Transafe, which was founded in October 2006. Transafe provides DOT Compliance and Safety Management solutions for motor carriers, including Omnitracs ELD solutions. After the ELD mandate of 2017, we began seeking other solutions for ELD and GPS providers. AFS was founded as we began to form partnerships with other companies that could provide quality ELD solutions as well as GPS tracking, fleet management, asset tracking, and in-cab cameras. This led to us forming partnerships with GeoTab, Surfsight, Phillips Connect, and Azuga. All of these companies are leaders of and are well respected in the Telematics industry. Contact us for all your company fleet tracking and camera needs.

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Asset & Trailer Tracking

Protect your assets and trailers with tracking features that will keep you connected while in transit. Choose from a range of solar, battery, and Bluetooth operated asset trackers.

Cameras & ADAS

Reduce liability and gain better visibility of your drivers and vehicles with the latest camera and ADAS solutions. Choose from a range of partner services that include multi-cam, AI, Computer vision, managed service, and more.

Routing & Dispatch

Get the best routes for your fleet by seamlessly integrating delivery logistics with multiple route planning for planned/actual routes with dispatching functionality. Choose from solutions include dynamic routing, scheduling, proof of delivery, and more.

Mobile Forms

Seamlessly track and engage with mobile employees. Create dynamic forms with conditional logic based on job conditions or inputs, capture rich media such as photos, signatures, GPS/Time stamps, and more.



Driver Management
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